Hey there,

We're The Hotspur Press, an indie-rock band of brothers (well actually, only two of us are brothers but you know, we're all really close friends) who want to spread their bromance to reaches far and wide through the medium of music, both on and off the stage. 

As we're an independent outift, we fund all of our merchandising and CD printing with our day job paychecks, which are nowhere near hefty enough to comfortably cover all of the aforementioned expenditures.

Our CD/Merch prices are extremely affordable because we are not looking to make a profit. The prices you see are no different to what we've paid the manufacturers. In fact, we're probably working at a loss, but at this stage in our career, we see that as an investment in our fanbase, who are currently doing us a huge favour by supporting us when relatively few people do.

In summary; if you like us, or feel sympathy for us, or whatever ulterior motivation to support us you might have, don't hesitate and please pick something up. It's cheap and we'd really appreciate it.

Much love

The Hotspur Press