• Image of The Hotspur Press + The Nix + Ellysse Mason @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester NQ Sat 23/04/2016

We've not played a gig in a while, and so we're hoping to make a pretty epic comeback with a night of awesome live music at a great venue.

Accordingly, we've booked two acts that we know are going to make the night special.

Kicking off the night in the smoothest way possible is Ellyse Mason, an acoustic singer-songwriter who's got one of those voices that makes you feel like the world is nice place to be in. Honestly, unless you hate really nice sounds, you've got to get down early to see her perform.

Following that are The Nix, a 5-piece indie rock band from Stockport who are frustratingly cooler than us in every respect, but we booked them anyway hoping that some of that cool rubs off on us. They play an intense live show and we're chuffed that they're on board for the evening.

Finally, it's us.

Get your ticket now and get ready to get freaky, Prince-style.